Take from this world. There is so much that it offers you.
Learn from others. Sit at the feet of the wise. Learn their ways.
Humble yourself to God's direction and wisdom.
Be willing. Give back. Love.
These are my goals.
Join us.

Friday, August 7, 2015


I arrived in Seattle yesterday evening and Julian's dear parents picked me up and gave me popcorn, grapes, and my car key. I drove back here to Walla Walla and was greeted by two very happy dogs and two hungry cats, as always. I did laundry and took a shower and it's 5am and I need to sleep but my body still thinks it's 7pm. So I'm winding down now. It's been a long day.

So, I'm safely home.
(Blurry pre-sunrise from my roof.)

Please note that I have quite a few good posts coming up but I haven't had a chance to type them out yet. These last 5 days I have had some bad food poisoning (I'm guessing)/stomach issues, so my energy level has been approximately negative 1,000. I look forward to sharing more stories with you soon though!
... Caves, ocean and communities. Patients who can get better but just need some hope and ones who probably won't get better but have so much positive vibe to go around for days. Students with so much potential and are beginning to see it. And great friends made and who I hope to see again soon.

So, stay tuned. For now, good... Morning!

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