Take from this world. There is so much that it offers you.
Learn from others. Sit at the feet of the wise. Learn their ways.
Humble yourself to God's direction and wisdom.
Be willing. Give back. Love.
These are my goals.
Join us.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Olive Oil. It is used for everything in the kitchen. I love it. It makes everything taste better, and work better. When our meat slicer was a bit stiff, the chief just poured a little olive oil over the runners and it worked beautifully.  The weather here has been searching for snow but apparently not able to pull it down yet.  It has been cold most nights and rainy on occasion.  Today, the Sabbath, greeted me with a smile of sunshine and blue sky.  I look forward to snow, though.  I miss it.  Last year I went from summer to summer to summer and miss out on winter altogether.  This year I hope to go up north toward Austria and the Alps to find snow.  Snowboarding in Italy- this will be a brandnew experience for me.  I am a bit jealous of myself!
I look forward to my dad and sister coming a few days.  We will meet in Florence and then go on a road trip through the northern part of the country- La Spezia, Milano, Verona, Venezia, Bologna.  These plans are quite likely to change though in the last minute.  I do know this- it's going to be an adventure!  I am excited to see them.  I love road trips.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recent Happenings

I have been in Forli for three weeks now and I love it here. The language is challenging but I'm catching on quickly.  I am taking Italian lessons on Monday and Wednesday. The teacher doesn't know any English so it will force me learn Italian even quicker. I understand a lot more than I can speak so it is difficult during conversations because I can't always add my two cents. It teaches me patience and how to choose my words and think before I speak.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I ride my bike from Casa Mia down the main street for about seven blocks.  The street Ts and I take a left.  From there I ride about a mile heading out of town.  I find a road that looks like it might lead to some where interesting and follow it.  There is a vinard on my right surrounding a large brick house.  I start up the narrow road.  It bends and twists and climbs for more miles than my legs care to recount.  When I reach the top this scene awaits me.  Hills.  Colline.  They stretch before me as far as the sea.  A soft fog holds them together and the cows graze on their grass.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


First, google this:  Ramsey Rd, 8AZ.  That was my final destination.
Now, google this:  Acton Town Station, London.  That is where I started
I arrive in Heathrow International this morning a little before six am.  The flight, via Toronto, was decently pleasant- props to Air Canada.  After spending a bit of time at the airport trying to sort of contacts here, I decided to take off for London.  Boarding the underground, I took the Piccadilly line to Acton Town station.  My final destination was Ramsey Rd, W3.  From there took a right on Bollo Ln and then a left on Bollo Bridge Rd.  After taking a right on Palmerston Rd I crossed the tracks and proceeded on Kingswood Rd which turns into Cunnington St.  At Parade I took a left to walk around the park.
At this point, I have been walking for a while.  I had a forty plus pound backpack on and a twenty-five plus pound hand bag.  All this while I've been asking people which way to go.  I paid 20p for the rest room and after asking a traffic police where to go, started up Beaconsfield Rd which turns in to Acton Ln.  I asked a man where Ramsey Rd might be.  He, being the only one apparently, knew the street.  So I continued on Acton Ln.  Under the bridge and took the the second left on Leythe Rd.  I asked another innocent person for directions and he sent me back around to take first left.  Now I'm back on Bollo Bridge Rd.  The first left is Ramsey.  I was finally there.
About an hour and a half prior, I was three blocks away.  My feet are a little sore and my hip hurts.
That's just the beginning...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling Slowly

I'm at camp. It's been quite warm the last few days. The leaves are turning impressive colors of red and yellow. We pulled in the docks today. It was a peaceful day on the lake. I wonder how the fish are feeling. Does their world change too? The water is significantly colder. I found that out when we were taking the ladders off; I was wearing a hoody, jeans and tennis shoes. I wonder if the colors change down under. I wonder if the water moves with more vigor, or less. Do they have their own version of thanksgiving? I wonder what's the same. I wonder what's different. I'll pass on the invite though. I've had enough lake for one Fall.