Take from this world. There is so much that it offers you.
Learn from others. Sit at the feet of the wise. Learn their ways.
Humble yourself to God's direction and wisdom.
Be willing. Give back. Love.
These are my goals.
Join us.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I ride my bike from Casa Mia down the main street for about seven blocks.  The street Ts and I take a left.  From there I ride about a mile heading out of town.  I find a road that looks like it might lead to some where interesting and follow it.  There is a vinard on my right surrounding a large brick house.  I start up the narrow road.  It bends and twists and climbs for more miles than my legs care to recount.  When I reach the top this scene awaits me.  Hills.  Colline.  They stretch before me as far as the sea.  A soft fog holds them together and the cows graze on their grass.

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