Take from this world. There is so much that it offers you.
Learn from others. Sit at the feet of the wise. Learn their ways.
Humble yourself to God's direction and wisdom.
Be willing. Give back. Love.
These are my goals.
Join us.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Look up.

I coach soccer at a local high school. This evening we had an extra Sunday practice because some players need to get the required 10 practices in before the games this week. The field still hasn't been marked fully and we need to work on positioning tomorrow so I stayed afterwards and started marking the goalie box. I was measuring and stringing lines and driving stakes and spraying paint. I have started wearing a hat more recently because those who care about me don't want me to get skin cancer and I agree with them. My head was down and my hat was covering my eyes. On the last run of paint, I glanced up to see the clouds full of pink light and half of the moon reflecting white against the blue sky in the East. I smiled and turned my hat around. Light. I need to let the light in. I need to look up. I need to turn my hat around as the sun sets and soak it in. I turned around and watched the orange sky turn fuchsia as I finished up. These moments when I am absorbed in my work, those blades of grass and paint, is when I need to recognize there is a bigger picture to take in. I need to look up and turn my hat around more.

Of course better in person and taken after a few minutes of thinking.

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